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Adivinar Technologies PVT LTD is a contemporary IT solution company and we offer products for Government And Retail Business. The company follows the best Software Engineering practices to produce quality software. Our strength is to add value to globalizing our customer IT through continuous application of knowledge, experience and contemporary technologies. We are a small business family with pool of skilled resources each adding value to our customers by taking owners.

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SEO, ...More 

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All value of our Clients from Starts to End, Provide Full support 24/7, We help to overcome small scale Business to  top notch Platform. We are committed to foster rich partnerships with our customers, business partners, channel members, and staff. To achieve the trust of our client’s we are providing reliable products and services.

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Our primary mission is to assure of providing a good services.  We help you in updating your business as per latest technologies in low cost investment and low cost maintenance.



To create the most appropriate, yet practical business, distribution Supply and productivity Chain.. A complete IT Solution.

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                If you are looking for an IT partner, we are here to help you. We are bunch of IT experts and engineer's dedicated to help with all king of IT problems. We would be pleased to work with you to introduce you to the solutions available through us in the field of Information Technology.IT Solutions has been patronized by the corporate world since inception. Blending intuition and rigor with ground reality business acumen, IT Solutions believes in going beyond the role of a mere solution provider to its client. IT Solutions uses technology as a means to empower customers by providing them with user-friendly solutions that enhance their productivity.Whether you are a small and medium enterprise or a large corporate customer with dispersed nationwide networks, we understand that you require a high level of support at both pre-sales and post-sales levels which you can access through our certified engineers. You can be assured of a quality. At IT Solutions we have envisioned a goal of becoming a major player and winning assignments from various corporate and government organizations. We are a team of hard-core professionals who are on the lookout for challenges with experience in working for various large corporate and multinational organizations.

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